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Jewelry care

Plated jewelry

What is plated jewelry:

It is a fine layer of metal over a more common metal, like brass, bronze, copper or tin. By electrolysis, the common metal is covered with more precious metal, such as gold. The jewelry piece goes inside a liquid solution of precious metal and by a magnetic process, the precious metal sticks on the basis. The more the process is done, the more the plating will be thick and of better quality. In the jewelry industry, the term micron determines how many layers are on the basis. The Canadian norm is 1 micron for gold plating but can be higher.

What is a carat:

A carat (k) is how we measure the preciousness of a metal like gold. Pure gold doesn’t exist in jewelry, but the closest would be 24k. If a jewel is 10k, it is pure 10/24, 24k being the purest available. Therefore, there are 14 other parts that are other metal in that jewel. This ratio indicates the quality of the plating.

Plated gold

Plated gold is less expensive and more common than pure gold. It looks exactly like gold but is more solid, over a common resistant metal like brass, copper, zinc, etc. The quantity of gold is less than solid gold, therefore more accessible.

Vermeil gold

Vermeil gold is made from sterling silver (.925) that is plated gold. It is more durable and thicker, therefore a better quality. To be considered vermeil, the microns need to be 1.5 minimum.

Rose gold plating

Rose gold plating is the same as gold plating, but it is a mix of gold, copper and silver to get this particular color.

Rhodium plating
Rhodium plating is a rare and expensive metal, from platinum metals. Rhodium looks like silver, but is very resistant and harder than silver, with the same shiny finish.

How to care for your plated jewelry:

Plated jewels can tarnish, depending on how often you wear them, your activities and the acidity of your skin. Here are simple tips to optimize the longevity of your favorite jewel: take it off before any activity during which it could get broken (training, swimming, sleeping) or that would put it in contact with chemicals, like chlorine. When they are in contact with products containing acids, fixatives or alcohol, certain metals and natural stones can be altered, therefore, it is preferable to put your make-up and hair products on, before your jewels. After consistent use, material like brass and silver can present scratches, but it can be prevented.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of our favorite material, because it’s hypoallergenic, water resistant and affordable. It is also very solid, which makes the longevity of your jewelry so much longer! Its color is darker and more matte than silver and rhodium.

How to care for your stainless-steel jewelry: there is nothing necessary to do! It will not tarnish over water contact, body acidity or makeup products. Therefore, no cleaning is needed.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a precious metal. Its common name is 925 silver. Since pure silver is soft and can change its shape overtime, sterling silver is a better option for harder jewelry, since copper is added in the mix to make it more solid. It always keeps a composition of 92,5% of silver in the mix, hence its name. Most sterling silver pieces will have the print « 925 » or « STG » to guaranty its quality.

How to care for your sterling silver jewelry: like any silver pieces, it can tarnish over time, but it will always come back to its original look with the right care. We highly recommend taking off your jewelry before going in the water, shower, pool or spa.

Cleaning tips: with a silver cleaning solution or a homemade water and baking soda recipe, you can scrub your jewelry pieces and brush them with a soft tooth brush. Make sure you rinse and dry them afterwards.


If you wish to exchange your jewelry and you are not entirely satisfied, it will be our pleasure to exchange the item. It has to be inside 14 days of receiving your order. The jewels need to be returned in their packaging and not worn nor broken. Items that are lost in transport or broken will not be exchanged. We offer no refund. Did you change your mind about your order? Please contact us J We will be happy to exchange the items or offer you a credit to use in the future. Please note that all products on sale are final sales.


If you receive a broken jewelry or if it breaks inside a timeframe of 60 days, please contact us and we will make sure to exchange your product. All pieces need to be returned to us in person or by mail. Please note that plating is not covered by our guaranty, we offer no exchange on fading plating after regular use.

In case of stolen or lost package by our carriers, please contact us, thank you!



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