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Lost is about losing your bearings, leaving your comfort zone, exploring and finding yourself in front of the unknown. Faune is about landscapes, familiar faces and animals that remind us of where we came from. Together, it is a celebration of the memories, adventures and emotions that we accumulate over time. Each piece of jewelry has its own story in which you will find a bit of your own!

Behind Lost & Faune is Christine, our jewelry designer, who makes everything by hand. A native of the North Shore, she is inspired by nature, vintage materials, and is always involved with animals and causes close to her heart such as cancer prevention and children's welfare. The team also includes Michelle, who handles social media, marketing and sales, and is touched by the environment and women's causes. Together, they are committed to creating change by partnering with organizations that do real work, inspiring women and doing their dream job, offering quality jewelry that is meaningful.



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