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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

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Online jewelry store - Lost & Faune

Lost & Faune is a Quebec based business that specializes in the creation and selling of jewels online. When you’re Lost, you can’t rely on your landmarks, you step out of your comfort zone to explore and take a leap into the unknown. Faune refers to the wildlife and the landscape, but also to familiar faces and animals, that help you remember where you’re from. These two words, put together, celebrate our souvenirs, our adventures and the emotions we gather through time. Each jewel comes with it’s own story, waiting to be linked to yours. Feel free to travel daily with our jewels, symbols of a reunion between nature and design.

Our online jewel collections are available just everywhere. Opt for the ones that will be part of your next adventures and link your story to your favourite piece. Our jewels bring a vintage vibe to a modern look! All of our getaways, our days out in the forest and our trips to far away countries, have influenced our creative journey! All of these memories make our creations more than just jewels; they are a part of our history.

Our online jewel store represents discoveries and adventures. It symbolizes freedom and journeys in peace with nature’s wisdom. Our jewels are unique, durable and timeless. Whether you are extravagant or delicate, they will enhance your style. You think this is appealing? Wait until you take a look at the prices of our jewels, they are very affordable. We made sure you could choose a different piece to go with all of your favourite outfits.

Welcome to Lost & Faune!



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