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The Caribou jewelry collection: An important collaboration with the Fondation de la Faune

Les Bijoux Caribou : Une collaboration importante avec la Fondation de la Faune

At Lost & Faune, our commitment is to create jewelry that has a positive impact on the environment. In partnership with the Quebec Wildlife Foundation, our caribou jewelry is not just an accessory, but a way to support woodland caribou conservation. Every purchase contributes to the preservation of wildlife and its habitat, and with each set of jewelry, your donation is automatically doubled.

A special collection for the wildlife

One of our values is to create jewelry that has a positive impact on the world around us! We love making beautiful accessories, but it's even better if you do a good deed while buying a piece of jewelry, isn't it? Since nature inspires us every day (Christine's workshop is right in the middle of the forest!), our commitment to wildlife conservation is a natural fit. We're delighted to announce our partnership with the Wildlife Foundation to present our caribou jewelry. These beautiful and unique jewels are not only beautiful and different accessories, but also a tangible way to support the protection of Quebec's woodland caribou habitat.



A commitment to preserving our natural environment

For every piece of jewelry sold, we donate $5 to the Wildlife Foundation for their "Faune en danger" project. This aims to protect the most vulnerable species and their habitats, helping to save the woodland caribou and other endangered species. If you wish to purchase a set of jewelry, your donation to the foundation automatically doubles, which is great!

We're proud to say that all our jewelry is made locally, inspired by the work of Jean-Simon Bégin, an adventurous photographer who captures wildlife in the wild. One of the images is a photo and the other is an image captured on canvas, because he's a painter too - quite an artist to discover.



The Caribou jewelry collection is available exclusively on our website and in Latulippe stores. By choosing our jewelry, not only are you encouraging local purchases, but you're also contributing to a cause that's close to our hearts: the preservation of wildlife and its habitat. You can choose from earrings, a necklace or the jewelry set of your choice!

This year, join us in supporting nature conservation and make a choice that has a positive impact. Choose our caribou jewelry and show your commitment to protecting our precious wildlife. Thank you for your continued support in this crucial mission to preserve our environment!



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