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Taking good care of your jewelry

Bien prendre soin de ses bijoux

All jewelry, even that made of precious metals, deserves to be well cared for, so that it lasts as long as possible and shines as brightly as possible. Whether it's a wedding ring that needs to be checked or the earrings we wear every day, it's best to know all the tips for maximizing the life of our favorite accessories and avoiding headaches or skin reactions!

Avoid contact with water as much as possible

To maximize the life of your jewelry, avoid contact with water as much as possible. Remove your jewelry before showering or bathing (cosmetics + water = tarnished jewelry), then before going into the pool or sea (chlorine and salt are the #1 enemies of plated jewelry). Although silver or stainless steel jewelry always regains its shine with a cleaning like the product below, it will save you a polish later on. There's nothing worse than losing a piece of jewelry you love when a big wave hits you in the face!


Know your skin type

Know your skin's acidity level: does most of your jewelry turn green? It's possible that your skin Ph is a little more acidic, so stainless steel or solid gold jewelry will be ideal and save you from those little greenish spots on your skin. It's also advisable to remove your favorite jewels before training, to preserve their optimal shine (heat = acidity = tarnished jewels) and also avoid breakage. If your skin is sensitive and you develop irritations, precious metal jewelry will help you avoid these reactions. Look for silver, gold, stainless steel or gold vermeil in priority!

How to store your jewelry

When it comes to storing your jewelry, the best advice is to keep it in a dry place (the opposite of the bathroom), then in separate compartments to prevent your chains from getting tangled. Unless you want to experience a Fort Boyard-style ordeal where you have to untangle small chains, a small jewelry box or pouch is the perfect way to keep your collection well organized, and avoid friction and humidity.


In what order should jewelry be added?

Beauty products can sometimes contain ingredients that tarnish jewelry, so we recommend doing your beauty routine, then adding your jewelry afterwards.

What's the difference for plated jewelry?

Plated jewelry is more fragile, while jewelry made of more precious metals can be easily cleaned. For silver jewelry, use a jewelry cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and water, which you can scrub with a soft toothbrush. There are also jewelry cleaning cloths that work very well to polish your beautiful jewelry!



Don't panic!

If you forget, don't panic! It's all about adopting the best habits to keep your jewelry looking beautiful for as long as possible, and feeling beautiful when you wear it!


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