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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

A girl who knows how to overcome a challenge!

Lysanne Richard has been a circus acrobat during many years, for the biggest circus around the world, as the Cirque du Soleil. She is now focussing on high diving (she is actually one of the best in the world, you know!). This sport discipline is very intense and similar to regular diving, but from a platform (or a cliff, why not!) of 18 to 23 meters for woman, landing on their feet. I am very impressed with this crazy sport and I love to see the diver’s complicity, they are like a great big family. <3


Picture : Redbull content pool

I asked Lysanne a couple of questions, to learn more about the woman and her motivations!

How do you overcome the challenges you meet in life?

People grow through difficult times, so we have to believe in ourselves and remember all the work we have done to keep up. With so much work behind us, I believe it is worth it to overcome a little challenge! Once it’s done, it becomes a tool to prove your determination and surpass yourself. 

What is your next challenge for 2017?

I have a daily challenge to maintain all the investment made up until now. I need a lot of discipline to keep up with the training and manage family life with everything surrounding it. I think we need to be in the present time and enjoy everything that happens to us. We need to enjoy the chance of being a mom, practice this sport and simply enjoy these moments! (Lysanne finished first in the Fina circuit and second in the Red Bull circuit !!!!)

lysanne richard

Red Bull Cliff Diving, Polignano a Mare, ITALY on august 28 2016

On the professional side, there are a couple of provincial competitions on 10 m diving, with a mini trampoline, to execute the movements of high diving landing on your feet. This will give the sport a great exposure and I have a schedule to get ready! But most of all, the biggest competition will take place in Abu Dhabi and I have to defend my title from last year as world champion, so I hope to repeat the exploit ! I would like to do great performances at the FINA world championship in Budapest, one of the most important competition, and then through the Red Bull Cliff Diving. I want to keep getting better and be proud of my progress while having fun !

Do you have an advice for sportive girls that would like to make a career out of it?

Believe in yourself and pursue your dream. When you let your dream become a project, you give yourself the necessary tools to live through your accomplishments. I believe it is the way to be happy and enjoy every piece of life!

lysanne richard Picture : Michelle Gagné  Hair and Makeup : Anais Côté  Clothing : Modéco

To follow Lysanne through her competitions, go on her web site, her Facebook page, or her Instagram account. She also often comments the high diving competition on TVA Sports. 




Rollande Lavoie

Bravo à une femme courageuse et vaillante, audacieuse qui aime relever des défis et se dépasser. Un bel exemple pour les jeunes.

Luc Marchesseault

Bonsoir, Mme Richard est beaucoup plus qu’une grande athlète. Elle est avant tout à mes yeux une femme possédant un charisme fou et possédant ainsi de belles qualités humaines. Bravo et continuez d’être la magnifique personne que vous êtes.

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