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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

Nature tour with Andreanne A. Malette!

When I planned my period of creation and the monthly jewels this autumn, I thought of a partnership with Andreanne A. Malette. It seemed obvious, because of the relation with nature we both share. Before our meeting and since Star Academy, I felt she had a natural magnetism. Then she showed up a tour workshop with her usual simplicity and we had the chance to discover one of the funniest girls of Quebec. Andreanne is hilarious; you can follow her unbelievable adventures on her Instagram page where she isn’t scared to share her funny stories, quotes and even emotional moments. She is the kind of girl you want for a party or a campfire (like in her last summer tour). We asked her a couple of questions to learn more about her: 

andreanne malette

From her instagram page <3

Where do you get your inspiration? Do you have a writing process?
I mostly listen to folk music. "First aid kit" has been playing non-stop for one year in my car! I love their vocal harmonies. My writing process is always the same. I start finding chords and then I create a melody. I only write words that fit the mood of the song when I have a good idea of the structure and melody.

After 40 shows with your tour Feu de camp, what is the best song for this type of night?

I have tried a lot of songs in this context; I would say all the popular songs from Les Colocs are a great option. Other than that, classics like I lost my baby or On va s’aimer encore please a lot of people. 

tournée feu de camp

From her instagram page <3

Do you have a ritual before your shows?

When I play with my band, I always spend a period of time with my musicians before the show for a little "pep talk" with a positive vibe. I tell them that we’re good, that we know our show well and that we’re going to have fun. Then we shout in group. When I am performing alone, I say a little prayer just before going up on stage, I take deep breathes and I try to put myself in the mood I was before a show in my living room, when I was 5 years old. Carelessness and confidence. 

andréanne malette - lost and faune

Photograph:Michelle Gagné/ Make up and hair: Anaïs Côté / Clothing :Modéco

Have you ever had a challenge to outcome?
Lots. Life is a challenge in itself. We have to stop thinking life will be easy, or else we will always be disappointed and hurt. I think we have to see life as a journey with obstacles. When we succeed it is a great gift and when we don’t, it is experience that get’s in. :)

For the jewel of November I got my inspiration from Andreanne. The mountain necklace is available in gold and silver here <3

andréanne a malette - lost et faune

Photograph:Michelle Gagné/ Make up and hair: Anaïs Côté / Clothing:Modéco


Roger St-Pierre

J’aimerais voir une photo du bijou en gros plan s.v.p.?

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