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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

Sophie Pelletier is the real girlboss!

Year after year, we discover a lot of talents through musical contests. In 2012, Sophie Pelletier participates in Star Académie, where she offers great performances, a solid voice and her own style. She writes her own songs, plays guitar and decides then that music is her passion! In 2015, she launches her first album, Le désert, la tempête, in which she has written songs, music and sings on. Her second album, Les Météores, is absolutely fabulous, and she collaborated which big names like Dumas, Fred St-Gelais and Marc Dupré!

Sophie at the 2017 Montreal Francofolies, photo from Émilie Fortin

Being a musical artist in Quebec in 2017 is a whole accomplishement in itself, but Sophie is a true business woman. She founded her own productions company, UniForce, with her colleague Geneviève Morin, and she produces her own music independantly. We asked her some questions to learn more about her :

1. Sophie, what was your dream when you were younger?

I really wanted to be a writer. Maybe I was hiding to myself that I wanted to be singing on the most amazing stages in the world!

2. Why did you feel like you had to launch your own production company? (which is sooo cool!)

When I started my career in music, I went through all my contacts to ask about the industry. Everybody told me to start my own company to be able to control my music, my decisions and editions. I met my manager then and we started it together! It's a lot of work, but it's worth it!

The ladies from UniForce Productions!

3. Can you present us the projet Victoire Musique?

It's an important project for me. I have an eduction in special care, I wanted to make a difference and help the youth. Writing songs helped me so much to go through tougher times and I decided to share this to help people. The people who participate write their first song that I transform in music. Doing this, I find that I accomplish more and that I can share this with people that I love!

Sophie is touring everywhere in Quebec, all her dates are available here !

We created ear cuffs and bracelets with Sophie, available on her website, here!


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