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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

Rose-Aimee Automne T. Morin is our fun-feminist of July!

While doing a photoshoot with the awesome Maude Sabbagh, she told us about Rose-Aimée and her cool projects, including one documentary they did together in Mexico, on the lesboterroristas, a group of rebellious women in Mexico City!

The documentary crew, photo by Maude Sabbagh

Rose-Aimée is a famous author from the Urbania online magazine, but I feel like we only know the surface of this inspiring woman, her amazing projects, her funny feminist opinions and intelligent subjects! During our brainstorm to decide what jewel we would make for her, she was the first one to send us vagina inspired jewelry in her inspiration board, but also a lot of rings, so we decided to make our first ring in the Lost & Faune history, for her! During the photo shoot, she brought her own clothes and she wore a beautiful Reformation dress, a eco conscious company from LA.

Rose-Aimée, photo by Michelle Gagné

We asked her a few questions to know more about her :

What is your craziest project in 2017?

It's definetly animating on the multiplatform series from URBANIA! I haven't done anything like this before, it was my first time as a host (I was a little crazy to believe I was able to) ; this project also made me travel to Mexico to meet the lesboterroristas, to Ottawa to find veterans that are now homeless people, drinking champagne and redbull with skaterboys (my teenage dream!) et discovering the Break up shop, a company that breaks up your relationship for you! That is just a tiny bit of what happens on the serie! There was a feeling of fascination and enthusiast that raised the bar so high for 2017!

Photo from Rose-Aimée, from her instagram!

Who are the women who inspires you and why?

I just realised that I am surrounded by amazing women. People that, behind the scene or on the front of the stage, reach out to their sisters. Ladies that create a net, that support each other and together are stronger. From raising their own families, giving back to the community, taking their place, being ambitious, creating street art with naked bodies, pointing out sexism in the music industry, writing on politics, assuming their body, the women I see everyday inspire me. For different reasons, all as good as the other.

Rose-Aimée, photo by Michelle Gagné

What are your future projects for the upcoming year (apart from world domination)?

The URBANIA serie will be presented on ICI Radio-Canada every Friday at 7 pm, starting July 21st, and then on ICI The podcasts and web series are already online at! The next URBANIA magazine, which I am the editor in chief, will be out September 8th. The theme is "Our Parents", it is funny and emotional. I will continue to write regularly on URBANIA.CA et will be back on the shows ALT (Vrak) and (ICI ARTV), this Fall. I will keep ont posting a lot of pictures of my cat, Noune-Alexandre Gallagher, on my Instagram. And will send a lot of love to Lost & Faune. (<3 <3 <3)

Her super cute cat Noune-Alexandre Gallagher <3 Photo from Rose-Aimée


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