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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

DIY project : plant hanger

Projet à fabriquer : support pour plante

We are passionate about plants at Lost & Faune! Our office is full of them and sometimes, it's great to be able to suspend them from the ceiling. I always watch the Plantzy tutorials, to make my plants live longer and to properly take care of them. Here is a cool macrame plant hanger for your house or office space!

To make this project, I found most of the material on Etsy for around 35$ per plant hanger. You will need the following material to make your own :

  • 10 meters of natural cotton rope, with a 8mm de diameter (I bought mine from etsy's store Craft and Beads USA)
  • 3 different colors of thread
  • 1 big ring, sold in hardware stores
  • Glue for fabric
  • A plant and its pot ; ) between 4 et 9 inches
  • Fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • A hook to suspend

matériel support pour plantes - lost & faune

First step : Take the cotton rope and fold it in 4 parts. Cut the rope so you have 4 equal parts. Then, put the ropes in the big ring and fold them, so you have 8 ends of rope.

support pour plantes - lost & faune

Second step : Join the 8 ends together with a piece of thread, under the big ring to keep them together. Then, apply the fabric glue in the ropes, right under the ring. You can place a bit of fabric around the ropes to maintain them together as the glue dries. 

support pour plantes - lost & faune

support pour plantes - lost & faune

Third step : Once the glue is dry, take the first color of thread and make a solid knot around the ropes. Then, roll it around to create your design. It is similar to friendship bracelets, so you'll get a hang of it quickly! Once you have the length desired, make a solid knot and cut the excess of thread. Do the same with the other colors to create your design. Make it around 3,5 inches, and with your last color, do two solid knots and put a drop; of glue to make sure it is strongly kept together. This is important, it will be holding the plant, so we want to make sure it's properly done :)

support pour plantes - lost & faune

Last step : Do the same steps 28 inches down, starting from the last thread. Roll the colors of thread you want around the ropes, finish with a knot and a drop of glue! Voilà! Once again, make sure everything is solid.

support pour plantes - lost & faune

Once you've done all of these steps, just cut the ends of the ropes to make them equal, with a good pair of cisors. Then, choose where you want to hang it, use a screw hook and put up your new plant hanger! Yay :)


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