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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

DIY project : wooden frames

Projet à fabriquer : cadres en bois

I started to make gifts for Christmas a few years ago and I really like this new tradition. One great idea to do is a decorative object, such as a frame. Sometimes, I also like to find the greatest pictures or image to put inside the frames, so we decided to design our own with these 4 illustrations that are inspired by nature, fauna and traveling, with the help of our graphic designer Ariane. So here are two framing ideas, that are very cheap to do and that make great Christmas gifts too!

Vintage frame

To make this project, you will need the following items :

  • wooden frames
  • 220 sandpaper
  • acrylic or latex paint
  • matte medium fluid

I found different frames from the Value Village, friends throwing some away or a regular arts and crafts store. All the options are good to reuse a frame and make it more beautiful! Ideally, you want to pick a wooden frame, it looks better and it is better for the environment than plastic. The first step is to clean the frame with a humid cloth. Then, lightly grind the frame with the sandpaper (220). For the paint, use what you can find, without spending too much! Either some leftover paint from a previous project or even arts and crafts paint from your kids. I painted 3 thin coats on each frame. It is very important to let the coats dry before applying another coat. To have the best finish, use the matte medium fluid. I printed the illustrations from my printer at home and put it in the frame, so simple! A great project for less than 10$ the frame :)

Wooden frame with magnets

To make this project, you will need the following material :

  • pine wooden slat, as large as you want them (sometimes they come in long slats, so you can ask to have them cut before you take them home)
  • mesuring tape
  • pencil
  • saw
  • sandpaper 220
  • water-based dye
  • water-based top coat
  • paintbrush
  • drill
  • 1/8 inch bit maximum
  • frame hooks
  • sticking magnets
  • your choice of rope

The megnetic wooden frames are a little harder to do, but still very simple :) The first step is to cut the wooden slat this size that you want your frame, the same as the picture you want to suspend it with. Either you have them cut at the wood shop or at home with your favorite saw. You will need 4 parts. So measure the width of your image/picture, indicate the size with a pencil and cut the pieces. Then, you will lighly sand the edges with the sandpaper to make them smooth. Try to sand them straight and not curve them.

Then, if you want to add some color, you can use a cloth to apply a water-based dye on your wood. You can also leave the natural wood color, which is always beautiful! Either way, use a top coat to make sure the wood does not become yellow with time.

The following step is the hardest : make some tiny holes on the top of only one wood piece. Use the smallest bit you can, ideally a size of 1/8 of an inch. Mark the spot with your pencil on both sides, where you want your hooks to go and then make the holes. Once this step is completed, insert the frame hooks with care.

Then, you will stick the magnets on the inside parts of your frame. Please choose strong magnets, to make sure this will be solid enough. If you don't find magnets, you can use glue to stick the parts together. 

For the last step, choose your favorite piece of rope and create a triangle with it. Insert the length you want and tie a knot at the top. Then, place you favorite picture inside and place the pieces together. The cost can be between 7$ to 20$ per frame. If you make more than one at a time, the cost will be better.


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