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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

New item : cat jewel!

Your Lost & Faune team just loves animals and nature! We have had the project of creating a magnificent jewel for our beloved cats for a long time, but we wanted to add a practical twist to it as well!

After many meetings and discussions, we found an edgy idea: a hidden-butt jewel ! Nobody likes to see their cats behind, but if you add a wonderful sparkly stone to it, you eliminate the problem. Plus, your pet gets a super fashion jewel :) 

Here is a great example of our new jewel!

We will launch our new collection, featured in the image above, in a couple of days! It presents a comfortable elastic for the cat’s tail and you can even choose the size of the jewel that hides best your cat’s behind. We offer it in a variety of colours, including natural stones with benefits for your feline. They can help with digestion, inner peace or friendship! We can’t wait to launch our collection, stay tuned!

Here are some interesting pendant designs! 


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