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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

Nadia aka La Bronze everywhere please!

You probably know La Bronze from her video Formidable (that was seen by at least 2 million people). Or you might have seen her in multiple tv shows, because she does everything (well!). She has an amazing voice, her latest album Rois de nous, where you can feel her eclectic vibe. We love for style, her strong personnality and because she does anything she wants. 

La Bronze is also Nadia Essadiqi, she dances and she is an actress. You might have seen her in Prémonitions, Unité 9 or 30 vies, or on the web in Quart de vie. She also writes for URBANIA, some articles that make you laugh or think!

We asked her some questions to learn more about her!

1. Singer, musician, actress, writer, dancer, where did you start your entertainer career?
I started by taking acting lessons when I was 6, my first role in a show at 17, and my first band at 19. Later, I started singing.

2. Do you think it's important to get involved as an artiste and what touches you the most? 

Everything touches me. I like to see humans doing well, animals and environment improving in general! I think it's really important to be involved in society as an artist, but mostly as a person, towards things that we like and motivates us.

3. What are your upcoming projects? 
A second album this Fall, Quart de Vie season 3, touring Quebec during the summer, shows in Vancouver and Paris also!

In collaboration with her, we created the leopard necklace (she asked for a tiger head with diamond eyes, but we found something close!).


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