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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

My favorite stylist, Mélanie Brisson

A few years ago,  I would read fashion magazines from the first to the last page, including the small credits at the end of the fashion spreads. I would read the name Melanie Brisson over and over again, without knowing the face behind the name. At some point, Instagram made it easier to know the fashion artisans. I admire her for her talent to create amazing looks with structure, either for men or women, but also for her support to local stores, designers and brands. She also has a really cute baby now, and she just launched her online store Kokono.

How did you become one of the best stylist in Montreal?

I come from a community services background! I worked with le Chaînon for many years, with less fortunate women, before actually assuming that I wanted to be a stylist. 10 years ago, there was'nt really anyone doing this, so it was very scary to start and go all the way to make it happen! At some point, I just really wanted to be a stylist so I left everything behind and started my new career! When I started, I learned everything by doing it myself and followed my feeling. I think I was different and had something new to offer. My challenge is social media! I am more of an introvert so it's hard to stay ahead of that. I try to be an Instagram pro, but I always end up posting cool houses and some people unfollow me since it's not fashion oriented hahaha! (maybe I should'nt say that). 

melanie brissonMélanie Brisson during a shoot with Bianca Gervais, photo by Marie-Ève Lévesque

What's your inspiration all about?

I have to admit that I'm not all about fashion in life. Clothing for me is art and expression. I love visual arts, especially the contemporary era. The Total Refusal, Pollock, Rothko ... These days I'm in love with illustration artists like Mathilde Corbeil, Cath Lap.. I'm also inspired by music (did you know her boyfriend is the musician Mat Vezio?)

Illustration from Mathilde Corbeil <3

How did you decide to start Kokono?

I've always supported buying from local artists, because to buy is to vote! This was just natural : to choose my favorite designers, frienships I've developp over the years. I wanted to create a group of creators that I like and that work so hard to make it, hopefully it will be successful!

Mélanie is wearing the necklace she inspired us!


gaby le tanant

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