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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

Top lady of September : Marie-Soleil Dion

Your teen cousin has discovered her before everyone else in Vrak la vie, she made you laugh out loud in Like-moi! and this autumn she won't let you down : you'll see her just everywhere. Marie-Soleil Dion is on fire and we have to say we love it! We had the chance to have her in our workshop in august and she was kind enough to answer a couple of our questions (besides of being so pretty and make our photograph's job very easy!)

  • Born in Quebec, Marie-Soleil studied at the Conservatoire d'art dramatique (pssst pssst ... with Jeanne Gionet-Lavigne, our brunette model). We asked her what she loves most about her hometown : she loves the Vieux-Quebec, shopping sprees on St-Jean street or at Simons,where she used to work. It still feels like home to her, even if she is now a 514 member!  

    One of her best tricks to assure a great performance is a diction exercise that she repeats before going up on stage : La bataille de Chalclintlicuc. It helps her evacuate stress and anxiety. Since I can't even pronounce the title, I'll leave it to pros! 

    Her top favorite things in life are : first things first, her boyfriend, then the pretty mister Muffin you can see below and last but not least, chocolate (yes please!). 

    Mister Muffin <3<3<3

    Marie-Soleil is dedicated to important causes, like Monsieur ANEB! Picture : Andréanne Gauthier

    Marie-Soleil is wearing our double cuff bracelet in black and brass, her dress is from Annie 50, available at Boutique Modéco. Make up and hair by Anaïs Côté, picture by Michelle Gagné.


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