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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

Catch Sushi Fever!

Des sushis à l'infini!

From miss sushi to lecturer, not to forget writer, Genevieve Everell is a trooper, a successful entrepreneur and an outstanding creator. Truthfully, when I see her in my T.V. I would love to be her Bff. It is probably her incredible strenght that makes her such an impressive leader.


Photo credit: Geneviève Everell's Facebook

Going through her social medias, I noticed and loved her simple and cheerful nature.
If you crave for food pictures as much as jewel pictures, this one is for you :

Photo credit: Geneviève Everell's Facebook

Making a Sushi party at home is like adopting a new tradition, I can assure you everyone will ask for more !!

If you're anything like me and would like to impress your guests, but you’re a little scared of tackling a sushi or poke recipe (oh yeah the famous poke !!!), I strongly recommand you follow Geneviève's Facebook page!

It is full of videos that will take away your doubts and who knows, maybe you'll discover a hidden talent! Geneviève even set up a program of tartar and sushi classes to learn more about her culinary art J !


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