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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

Debbie Lynch-White, my girlcrush of the year!

We all discovered Debbie Lynch-White as Nancy in the show Unité 9. I saw her for the first time in a photoshoot on atypical bodies, in the JEU magazine, where she was naked and assuming her body completely. I admire her audace so much, but also all her vulnerable side, so I wanted to learn more about her. After playing in a lot of plays and tv shows, Debbie is now a well known talented actress (everybody likes her and want to work with her!!). She just finished filming La Bolduc, in which she plays the legendary Quebec singer. She transformed herself physically for this role and also sings in the soundtrack.


Playing La Bolduc, picture by Ronald Plante

Before meeting her, I followed her on Instagram (here, go follow her asap!)  and her family seemed adorable (her girlfriend and their dog <3). Her energy is so positive and her sense of humor will seduce you everytime! When you meet her, you can see she is a really authentic person. When we dd the photoshoot, we discovered a real gem, so generous and funny, very easy going. The kind of shoot where you don't feel it's work! Debbie is admirable for her talent, her personality and the fact that she assumes herself a 100%. 

We asked her some questions to learn more about her :

1. What are your projects coming up this year?
Unité 9 will be on for its 6th season. The movie about La Bolduc will be out at the beginning of 2018.

Our top lady of the month, picture by Julie Artacho

2. Do you have any tips for tougher times, challenges and bumps on the road?

The most important is not how you receive the hit, but how you stand back up after. I try to always stay positive and picture the glass half full! I do a lot of visualization in my life. It's normal to have challenges, but I try to make them strengths and learn from them. There is a lot in the act of admitting you can be wrong and moving on.

3. Who inspires you and why?
There are so much! Céline Bonnier is so inspiring by her career and her huge talent. Meryl Streep is admirable also by her career, her talent and she is not afraid to speak her mind. My girlfriend Marina also inspires me everyday and helps me being a better person, with all the reflections we have together.

The beautiful Debbie with the jewel we made for her!


Diane Miller

Juste un mot……BRAVO!

Louise Laperrière

Oh que si! Nous avons, au fil du temps, découvert une perle rare et je crois bien que nous sommes tombés d’amour sur le champ. On la sent authentique, intègre, rigolote, espiègle et tellement passionnée de son métier qu’elle nous comble de joies multiples par toutes les facettes de son (ses) talent. J’ai remarqué son p’tit côté compétitif…non face aux autres mais pour mieux faire les choses et apprendre. Nous sommes choyés de la voir se renouveler constamment et de se redéfinir en tant qu’artiste géniale. Merci Debbie.

Monique Crevier

J’admire beaucoup cette femme,elle est naturelle et une si bonne actrice,je lui souhaite que du bonheur,longue vie à toi ma belle Debbie….<3 <3

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