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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

Anaïs, a girl with multiple talents!

I met Anaïs for the first time on a baseball field, and after a few games where I could see her great skills, I discovered a super nice girl, super sporty and that transforms everything she touches in gold! We know her for her great sense of humour and mad communication skills.

The beautiful tv host has a greener side also, in her show les Douze travaux d'Anaïs, you can see her recycling older furniture and transforming it into new amazing pieces. During the photo shoot, she also told us that she makes many small actions to preserve the environment, like driving an electric car, so cool! 

anais favron lost and faune

Photo : Michelle Gagné MUA : Anais Côté  Clothing : Modéco

We asked her a few questions to know more about her :

1. Where does your passion for furniture and recycling older materials come from?
I don't know!! I just collect things, I love history, either in architecture or objects. Making or building stuff makes me feel great. I always have a lot of ideas and seing a project come through makes me feel very proud, especially in furniture or an interior makeover, it's like therapy. It only takes a lot of space since I buy big things from Kijiji...

anais favron - canal vie

Photo : Canal vie

2. What are your three favorite things in life?

Only 3? ok so except my son, my boyfriend, my family because its cliché and mandatory, I will say :
4 years old kids (in a nice legal way ha!)

3. Do you have any tips for challenges or bumps in the road?

Challenges motivate me. Without them, we would not work as hard and get so far. I love challenges and the good stress that comes with them. I try to remember to have fun though and to enjoy life. You can learn so much when you fail, this probably comes form doing so much improv, where you need to forget about your failures fast and move on!

4. What makes you laugh every time?

Jokes that are outrageous, that can shock a little bit! Sorry, I love it when it becomes unconfortable ...

anais favron - canal évasion

Anaïs in her show À faire en Grèce : la liste d'Anaïs at Évasion









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