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Lost & Faune bijoux créés au Québec

The awesome Amélie B. Simard

We mostly know Amélie B. Simard from her television roles in District 31, Comment survivre aux weekends? or Quart de vie (with Marie-Soleil Dion and Nadia Essadiqi!!!), but she also has many other talents. She is a comedian, also a singer-songwriter, a dancer and a singer. She was in Saturday Night Fever in Quebec City, where she plays Anette next to super hot Nico Archambault. This musical comes to Montreal in March and April 2018, at Théâtre St-Denis, yay!

Picture from Saturday Night Fever - Le spectacle

Amélie inspire us with her original and eclectic style. Sometimes, she will be very feminine, with flower dresses and heels, other times very tomboy with larger tops, and we love it! You can follow her on instagram to see her latest looks and whereabouts, or see her at Le Manoir getting a trendy manucure. She really helped us design the September jewel. She wanted a choker, with a triangle pendant <3

Picture from Marie-Ève Levesque

She is also involved in Lift, a foundation that her boyfriend started, that offers summer camps for teenagers prone to delinquant behavior, drug addiction and school dropping. She will celebrate he 4 years of soberness very soon, so that foundation is really important for her. She opened up about it on her Facebook page and it was refreshing to talk about real struggles, instead of the perfect picture most people want to have on their social media. It makes us think about our use, our partying years, and finding a conscious way of using drugs or alcohol, to find a better balance in life <3

Picture from Michelle Gagné, hair and makeup by Anaïs Côté.


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